Sunday, June 27, 2010


"The Wizard of Oz"
It was a treat being able to play a small part in the Menomonie Theater Guilds version of such an amazing classic. Creating the colorful life to Munchkin land was my I started by making fabric, feather, ribbon and paper flowers for all 16 Munchkins. These colorful concoctions were also seen in the set design, props and on all the tiny cast members costume accessories. Handcrafting flower headbands, pins, bow ties, hat flowers, and mini blooms for Munchkin shoes was not a tiny task, but in the end a one of a kind experience. Meeting all these over the top amazing kids and learning about what goes into making these productions was so much fun!!!

A bouquet fit for Dorthy.
Flower prop used as a gift for Dorthy from the Munchkins. These were the first fabric and paper flowers I made for the production. Creating a wire form is the beginning step in making the flowers shape and size. Picking out patterns, colors, and fun fabric combinations is my favorite part in the designing process. Cutting out each petal was the time consuming last detail of making the finished flower. All the blossoms seen in the set design were more complex and much, much larger! This bouquet has such a whimsical style it really looked the part.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reception Decor

All of the guest tables and any other food tables used at the reception were garnished with flowers. Each arrangement showcased a different design style. With such an eclectic mix of glass wear it really allowed for a unique styling with the simple mix of floral varieties and foliage used.

Centerpieces came in every shape and size imaginable. Medium and tall cylinder vases held green cymbidium orchids with bear grass, lily grass and tropical leaves looped and wrapped within. Crystal gems and small shells added a touch of detail to the bottoms of certain centerpieces too.

When the sun began to set candle light danced on the tables along with the little LED lights that glowed from insides of the taller centerpieces. This effect helped embrace the romantic mood that was set with all of the tiny lights flickering on this warm Hawaii night.

These pictures show just a few of the different centerpieces that were created for this tropical wedding. All of the centerpieces showcased in various ways the different flowers that were used for this event. White dendrobium orchids, ivory roses, vendela roses, yellow oncinium orchids, green cymbidium orchids, solidago, bear grass, lily grass and a wide variety of tropical foliage are all of the materials that were used.

When it was all said and done there was nothing but smiles and dancing all around. The evening was a fantastic success!! With the ocean sunset as the evenings back drop the flowers were only there to compliment the islands thriving majestic beauty and wonder. Aloha!

Attendants Bouquets

Attendants carried petite bouquets of the weddings signature flowers, white dendrobium orchids and ivory roses. Pearls and bear grass also made subtle statements in these cute nosegays.

Olena's Bouquet

An all white palette of ivory and vendela roses plays as the backdrop of this bouquet while the oncidium orchids and bear grass take center stage. These two elements the orchids and bear grass give a geometric texture as they overlap above the roses. Oncinium orchids add a kiss of golden color to the overall bouquet. Details are in the pearl accents hidden within the roses and seen in the tiny shells used for the stem wrap. Tropical elegance sums it all up!

Orchid Chandelier

Hundreds of white dendrobium orchid blooms danced in the air as they dripped from this large floral chandelier that hung from an ancient tree. This statement piece was designed to navigate arriving guests on where to go for the ceremony and also acted as a starting point for bridesmaids to walk underneath announcing that the wedding was to begin. Pearls, chrystals, decorative ornaments, ivory roses, yellow oncinium orchids and green cymbidium orchids were also used to complete this decedent floral sculpture.